Welcome to Photography By Stephen Johns.

Congratulations on your forth-coming wedding, what an amazing time you have ahead. 

Here at Photography by Stephen Johns I pride myself in the personal service I deliver from the start, giving 100%+ to make it extra special for you and generations to come.

When I got married myself, last summer, photography was the most important part of the wedding, except for my bride of course! From my personal experience I can tell you that your photos will be what you will be showing to your family, friends, co workers and the people you will meet along the way. Your photography will be the only thing you will have to show once the cake is cut & eaten, the first dance, danced, and the honeymoon over. So take the opportunity to book the photographer who will care about your wedding as if it were my own.

     Initial wedding meetings are relaxed consultations, whether at your place or a local café or bar, you decide and it’s on me. We will talk about your wedding and what you expect from your photography.  We will look through some beautifully crafted wedding albums as well. I will tell you more about me, my back ground and the way I work and what you can expect from me leading up to your wedding, the big day and after your wedding. I pride myself in the service I offer from the very start and I am here to help, no matter how big or small your wedding will be.


     Once you have decided to book me to document your wedding day, we will meet again for your pre wedding photography session. The location choice is yours. Think of the place you met or any other place special to you. I also have various locations I like to use, whether local or not. We can make a morning/afternoon or even a day of it, whether we head to the coast for the day, hanging out in a coastal village, or head to a local park for the morning, or visiting your wedding venue. We will get to know each other, shoot some beautiful portraits and capture your love for each other.


      Expect the best service from the very start. Leading up to your wedding there can be various problems. You may be looking for a florist, cake maker, make up artist or hair stylist, I have a collection of reliable, talented individuals that I can easily put you in touch with. Or perhaps you are looking for advice about the venue, or you are not sure about lighting your reception venue, or perhaps you just need a friendly ear to bounce some ideas off.  Over the years of shooting weddings I have seen what works and what does not, so I will welcome your call to have a friendly chat. If something should ever happen where you need to postpone your special day, I will do everything to accommodate you for another date.

London wedding photography.jpg

      Once your Wedding day has arrived I will be on time, and ready to go! From bridal preparations to the end, I will be there, capturing your special memories, fixing your dress so it looks it’s best in the photos, we photographers have an excellent eye for the details. I am unobtrusive, yet capture all the moments you would expect, including the walk down the aisle, the exchange of rings, first kiss and all the smiles and tears that accompany these moments and the moments you may have missed. 

     After your wedding, you head off on your honeymoon, and I head home to back up your wedding so it is safe. I rate the best images that tell the story of your wedding day, colour correct the selection and process the images to create your beautifully crafted wedding.  Your wedding photography gets packaged up and hand delivered to your door by me, with a few little extras to say thanks!

Contact me here to set up an initial wedding consultation, or phone me on  +44 07 58565 5153