My Own Wedding,

May 28th 2014, The day that changed my life (and my business)

With only two months of planning my wife and I pulled off the most perfect, beautiful day of our life. With a logistical nightmare of travel & short notice, my parents in New Zealand and my wife's family in Lithuania. We decided to go for a low key affair, register office, small reception and straight to the airport for a honey moon in Croatia, a modern day elopement. 

The one thing we wanted the least of was stress, but we wanted a stylish and creative wedding, but within a budget. We succeeded with our modern day elopement. The important things to us of course was photography, and we had one of the finest photographers in the UK, Melissa Kay Photography made the journey from the north for us! 

With a first look, a portrait session in Central London, I can't even describe how excited I am to see these photos!

I now have the first hand experience that all my wedding and portrait clients have after a shoot, and its invaluable knowledge and experience to incorporate into my own business!

The next most important thing was from my bride to be, and how she looked, she wanted a modern, stylish yet vintage feel, and she pulled it off to perfection! With a beautiful lacy knee length, closed neck dress, WOW! believe me! She also found the perfect head piece to set off the vintage look, a beautifully hand crafted head piece from, With love from Bobbin, Matched to a pair of stunning mustard yellow high heels, stunning does not say enough. 

We maintained the yellow theme, which meant I needed something yellow, a tie we thought, but finding a suitable/stylish shirt became a difficult task! so I ended up with a tailor made, striking yellow shirt straight from Thailand, the craftsmanship (If thats what you call it) was outstanding! such a quality shirt, for a very good price! I-tailor if your interested! It really set of the stylish look we were going for.

We had a beautiful little ceremony at our local town hall, and with this digital age Skype saved the day allowing our parents to witness this special occasion! It was an experience like no other, all of a sudden you are filled with so much emotion, positive energy and tearful eyes! Surrounded with close friends, a beautiful bride and our parents plugged in via the world wide web, I couldn't have wished for more. We decided to stop via our favourite local bar, to be fair they didn't expect us but we were the only ones in there so it worked very well. Some delicious platters of food, more bubbles, whisky and cigars, a new wife and our beautiful first dance! a splendid afternoon was spent, time seemed to get away on us and we had to rush or we would have missed our plane (This is part two, Croatia!) But first a cake had to be cut! What started as a Naked Chocolate cake, soon turned in to a rather decorative affair. Home made by the two of us, we had a few problems with the icing and decorating of the cake, butchered was one of the words used! salvageable? Of course with an amazing photographer who also has epic skills in other areas, Our cake soon turned into a modern masterpiece! With the cake cut, demolished and throughly enjoyed, we soon had to be out the door on our way to Croatia..... The nick of time, lucky chance, or well executed? I like to think well executed! :) below is a small collection of images from our wedding shoot in central London.